Common Transmission Problems Warning of Bigger Problems

Most people rely on their vehicles to get to work, school and live life. The transmission is a key part of the proper running of any vehicle from tractors to small sedans to big rigs. This vital part gives the wheel the power to move forward. Here are some warning signs you need to pay attention to.

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A noisy transmission while you are in neutral is not good. There could be serious issues with a transmission that makes grinding and odd noises when not in gear. Grinding when moving into gear is not normal either. Seek transmission service Lynnwood before the transmission fails and causes a loss of control.


While most cars today rely on an automatic transmission, there are plenty of people still driving a manual transmission car. The driver depresses the clutch while shifting gears then releases the clutch and presses the accelerator to keep moving forward. The gears can shift up or down based on speed. However, if the transmission fails to go into gear or stay in gear, it may be failing. Slipping gears are more common with manual transmissions than automatic ones.


If you notice transmission fluid beneath your car, that is a good indication you have a leak within the transmission. The fluid is important to keep the transmission operating efficiently. This easy warning sign may simply indicate you need a transmission fluid change or there could be a larger problem. Automatic transmission fluid smells a little sweet and is a bright red color, but it should not smell burnt or be dark in color.


Your car should not emit burning smells. An overheating transmission may burn the transmission fluid. Without the proper amount of fluid, the transmission can overheat and burn up. The transmission may be leaking fluid or simply need replacement fluid. These are but a few of the warning signs associated with problematic transmissions.

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