Food Service and Liquid Transportation

Driving food and drinks around the United States or around the world is necessary or else we would all starve. Luckily the invention of trucks and containers, save us all from nutrition problems. The professional system of trucking transportation has been around for years.

Food Logistics confirm that the transportation of refrigerated food and liquid, or even alcohol has started since 1922. Usually the way it’s done is with a fleet of trucks carrying tanks, flatbeds, refrigerated trailers, or a fleet of tanker ships and aircraft. According to Rachellaudan certain companies in this industry have been making sure that the transportation of Food in bulk liquids tankers is safely done, for 40 years.

In the food liquid industry, transportation companies also make sure they keep strict health and safety standards, while they deal with flexitank shipping, including one of the most important methods used by most businesses, which is satisfying their customers. For that reason, the professional standards of timely delivery and economical cost always play an important part in this industry, that’s how they keep their customers. Because of the evolution of food transportation, most of us don’t have to suffer like the way things used to be in the early years before all the great inventions.

Back in 1922, it all started with the Blue-Bonnet Lines created by the Pate family. They started one of the first freight companies that delivered food and liquid until the invention of trailers on flat cars. Right around those times, the Blue-Bonnet express owned by James Pate Sr. started the first trucking operations.

Later, the company merged into Pate/Sprole’s Red Ball Express and many other names after that, until the big tank container truck transportation got popular. New technology of course has a lot to do with the way we all get our food, liquids and alcohol from those large trucking companies. The tanks and containers are upgraded, more equipped and secure to facilitate the trips all the sensitive and hazardous products like alcohol must take throughout the entire country and around the world.

In today’s new age of development freight companies have new trucks, equipment and procedures such as, food grade tankers, refrigerated transportation, Iso tank transport and of course transportation safety. Food grade tankers are made to transport liquid food like milk, alcohol, other liquid dairy, vinegar and more liquid stuff. Refrigerated transportation is made to transport products that require a different type of temperature like cold stuff that need to be in a built-in refrigeration system, so they will not spoil. Iso tank transportation, is made to carry bulk of liquids that are both hazardous and non-hazardous.

Overall, the most important procedure applied is transportation safety which is necessary for all the products that are being transported. If there is not a strict reinforcement rule, accidents might happen and maybe there is even the possibility of food poisoning in this industry, if the right temperature is not applied, the right tank is not used, or the right speed is not followed. Food and liquid transportation has a long history, and a good reason why it is, and should be safe.

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