Virginia Travelers Guide to Services Provided by 24 Hour Towing Companies


Although most people only think of 24-hour towing as a means to get a vehicle to a qualified repair shop and to get off the roadside? There are some services that these businesses provide that most people are unaware of and some of these services can benefit the average traveler. When you are taking long business trips or on the road for a vacation, you should be prepared for any type of emergency situation that could happen on your trip. If you are driving through the beautiful State of Virginia, I-95 North and South is a major interstate that cuts right through the center of the state.

US Route One runs perpendicular to I-95 and for travelers who don’t know who to call in the case of a roadside emergency? The ideal business they should be calling is centrally located on US Route One that handles 24 hour towing services thornburg va. The benefit of using a centrally located business adjacent to I-95 is less waiting time for a tow truck and less stress due to passing cars traveling at accelerated rates.

Anxiety and Stress from Breaking Down on I-95

Breaking down on a major interstate like I-95 can be a nerve-wracking experience and it can cause anxiety and high-stress levels in certain individuals. Knowing who to call in an emergency can make all the difference in the world. Furthermore, using an established business with a reputation for customer service and friendly roadside assistance can set your mind at ease. Below is a list of some additional services provided by 24-hour towing companies that you may have never heard of before.

Professional Emergency Road-Side Assistance

A professional towing business will provide assistance around the clock without delays. Their drivers are professionally trained with state-of-the-art equipment and heavy-duty tow trucks that will not damage your vehicle. They provide instant relief from your unfortunate situation and can remove you and your vehicle from a dangerous situation. If you have a flat tire, the tow truck driver can either inflate your tire to a safe tire pressure to get you to the nearest exit or they can help you change your tire and get you on your way.

Safe and Secure Storage Facilities

In the event where your vehicle becomes too damaged to be safely driven on the road, you can utilize the storage facilities with the towing company. Most professional 24-hour services will offer a storage solution for their customers. Both long and short-term storage options are provided by the business for severely damaged vehicles. It’s a safe place to keep your damaged vehicle while your insurance company works out the details. You can keep your personal effects and valuables inside your vehicle with high-tech security systems like infrared laser beams, alarm systems, and closed-circuit surveillance cameras protecting your property at all times.

Insurance Benefits of Using a Towing Service

Most professional towing services will have a partnership with major insurance companies. The benefit is when you need roadside assistance, you won’t need to worry about added expenses. Some of the 24-hour businesses have the ability to directly bill the insurance company allowing a cashless benefit to the driver. Depending on the type of insurance you have, certain road-side assistance and towing fees can be totally free. In the end, if you are traveling through Virginia or abroad and your car breaks down, do not panic. Keep your composure and call a towing service for immediate roadside assistance.

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