Signs to Look for of a Failing Transmission

Transmission problems can show themselves in a lot of different ways. By looking for these signs and taking your car to a transmission shop cincinnati oh you can possibly save your transmission from replacement. If you are having issues with your transmission or just want to know what to look for, here are some common signs of transmission problems.

Warning Lights

Almost all newer cars have a computer system that will display potential issues found by sensors located throughout the car. In many cases, these sensors are able to find problems before you are aware of them like vibrations or a high transmission temperature. If your sensors indicate that there is a problem with temperature the first thing you should do is check the levels of the engine coolant and transmission fluid. Even if it just seems like the problem is low fluid levels, it’s always best to have a professional check out your vehicle for leaks and other problems.


Your car’s transmission should be able to go into the correct gear whenever it is supposed to. In automatic transmissions, your car is supposed to be able to sense when the gears need to be changed so your car can run efficiently. If your car does not easily transition from each gear and starts to rev unnecessarily high there may be a problem with your transmission. In manual transmissions, your car may have a worn out clutch if shifting gears does not engage the right response for the RPMs it is running.


Manual transmissions will make a grinding noise if they are experiencing problems and the clutch may need adjusting or replaced. A whining, humming, or buzzing sound can usually be heard if there are issues in an automatic transmission. Additionally, you may feel your car shake slightly when your automatic transmission is changing gears, when it is operating normally you should not be able to notice the transition between gears.


If you can smell a slight burning odor coming from your transmission you probably need to get the fluid changed immediately. Normally the fluid should have a slightly tart or sweet smell to it. Burning transmission fluid can indicate some severe problems with your vehicle and it needs to be repaired before the problem becomes unfixable. Transmission fluid is meant to lubricate the many moving parts inside the transmission and without this they can easily wear down and break.


Transmission fluid is bright red in appearance and can easily be seen if it is leaking onto your driveway. A leak can lead to some very expensive problems if not addressed quickly. Transmission fluid does not get burnt up while driving and is never supposed to be low unless there is a leak somewhere in the system. Some of the areas that need to be checked for leaks include the gaskets, seals, hell housings, transmission pan, drive shaft, and mounts. Not only is leaky transmission fluid bad for your car, it can have a very negative impact on the environment as well.

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