3 Tips for Extending a Car's Life

Purchasing a new or used car is usually an exciting experience. It also comes with a lot of responsibility. Keeping in mind three basic tips can go a long way in preventing unwanted repair bills and extending the life of the vehicle.

1. Maintain an Oil Change Schedule

Changing the oil and the oil filter on a regular basis, while essential, can often go undone. The catastrophic engine damage that results from letting this go makes it worth sticking to a regular schedule for oil changes. Many choose to change the oil and filter themselves. However, it can be a messy job, and finding a place to dispose of the oil is not always easy. A more convenient option may be to find a Marysville auto repair shop to do it instead.

2. Monitor Tire Pressure

While regular oil changes help preserve the life of an automobile, ensuring the car’s tires are properly inflated can save lives. A blown tire due to overinflated or underinflated tires can cause a serious accident. Keeping tires properly inflated involves knowing the recommended tire pressure, checking the amount of air in the tires and adding enough, but not too much, air. The owner’s manual will typically list the recommended amount of air for the tires. Checking tire pressure can be done by the car owner using an inexpensive tire pressure gauge. Another option is to take the car to a gas station that has an air dispensing pump with a digital air pressure gauge. This may make this task a little easier.

3. Consult Owner’s Manual Regularly

The owner’s manual provides everything a car owner needs to know about proper vehicle care. This includes a recommended maintenance schedule and explanations for the car’s warning light indicators and symbols.

Following these steps can help protect the significant investment made when purchasing an automobile.

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