2 Ideas To Make A Dock Safer

Being on the water can be an amazing experience. Basking in sunshine, the wind in your hair and the rejuvenating benefits of ocean and lake water all contribute to a day well spent. However, water isn’t something to mess around with. Every day, there are boating, swimming and tubing accidents that show just dangerous water can be. While it’s important to be safe on the water, you also have to follow protocol on your marine rv maintenance and dock-related safety precautions. Docks have the potential to be safe spaces for getting in and out of the water, and following these two tips will make your dock better off for everyone involved.

1. Place Life Jackets At The Front Of The Dock

As soon as someone steps foot over water, they should be ready to swim in case they ever fell in. For not-strong swimmers and children, it’s essential to get them in lifejackets before they venture out on the dock. Have a place at the beginning of your dock where people can put life jackets on. This would be a terrible situation, but if a dock did ever cave in, someone could end up in a major problem if they fell in the water without a lifejacket on.

2. Put A Gate Before The Dock

This is a great addition to the start of a dock because it will keep kids away from having access to a dock without proper supervision. A gate provides a barrier before open water. A lot of children are attracted to water and may see a dock as a way to get close to the water. However, if a child did fall in, the outcome could be deadly if an adult wasn’t nearby to rescue them. Installing a gate is a simple step that can go a long way for safety.

Enjoying open water is a true treat but can lead to dangerous situations. You can avoid the dangers and have more fun by adhering to dock safety guidelines.

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