Driving Privileges and Following the Law

Do you remember when we used to drive horses to work or to see a relative? I bet that if you ask this question to a hundred people, 98 percent of them will say no and think that your question is weird. Out of the other two people, one will say yes, and the other one will be smart and say that we do drive horses to work, depending on the size of your engine. In this article, we will be discussing the privileges of driving and how it can have a positive or negative effect to those that can’t drive for whatever reason. You may need a texas approved defensive driving course.

The Privilege of Driving

Every day, millions of Americans get into their cars and drive to work or to school almost automatically. This has often been called “highway hypnosis” where you know that you’re driving but are thinking about something completely unrelated to where you are going or to how fast you’re going. Your body and mind seem to simply “know” what they are doing without you consciously knowing.

Driving is a privilege, but as stated above, most people don’t think about it in this way until they’ve either crashed, lost their cars for a certain reason, or literally got their driving privileges taken away from them. Over the past year, I’ve encountered one of these situations which has proven to be both a pain, and a blessing in disguise.

I got my license taken away and got put in the worst position I’ve ever been in for a snowball effect of acts. The first one was when I got stopped speeding because I was not conscious of the speed limit law and needing to get back home as soon as possible after having stayed with a friend for a week.

The officer checked my license and asked if the address was my current address to which I said no and was instructed to let the DMV know of my change of address. I waited a month to appear in court, paid the fee, and took the online driving course. I went back to the court and gave everything I “thought” I needed to the teller and she said I was all set. About six months later I got stopped for something else and the officer told me my license was suspended. The only advice I can give you is to know the rules of the driving game and follow them.

In this article we briefly discussed driving and how it is a privilege. A personal story is much more powerful to explain what one should and should not do. In this case, make sure you double-check with the court if you ever receive a ticket, to make sure that everything is actually “ok”. Do not believe what the tellers say because they are just there doing one job. If you can, read and reread the driving manual multiple times.

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