Smart Ways to Buy Used Cars

Buying a car is nerve-wracking enough when the automobile is new. Used cars are a whole different level of nervous. A used car can be a great investment. It can run forever and cost significantly less then the new releases. It can also be a very sour lemon that is so awful it becomes the fodder for cautionary tales. To avoid being the old man at the fire telling these tales all you have to is work smart. There is an optimal way to deal with used car dealerships that will net you a reliable automobile at a good price. Here are the three main steps;

Do Your Homework Before Hand

The first trap most consumers spring is that they impulse buy. They walk onto a car lot with a vague idea of what they want. Dealers can smell them coming form a mile away. Most are smart enough to hold onto their budget, but they still get taken for a partial ride. The best way to enter a used car lot is to already know everything there is to know about it. This can begin with a simple internet search. The focus can be general to specific. The internet has auto seller databases, car-seller focused websites, as well as its normal search engine. A search for used Lexus GS 350 New York NY, will show you the nearest lot holding one and how good that lot is rated.


If you do your homework before hand then you will know the car you want is on the lot. You will know its history, mileage, overall price, and special features. All of this is available online. The only thing left will be to inspect the vehicle and take it for a test drive. Never purchase a vehicle without checking it out. Look at the interior, look at the exterior, and see how it actually drives before making a final decision. If you are unsure at all walk away.

Mind the Paperwork

If you research before hand you will already be ahead of the dealer. You know what you want so you go right to it. You inspect the vehicle and give it a test drive. Now you want to buy it. The dealer is still catching up to you but they during the paperwork phase. A lot of a dealership’s business is the upsell. It is true in any retail market. The object is always to get the consumer to pay more. To avoid this simply pay attention. Look at the contract with a fine tooth comb, do not accept any extras, and do not agree to anything iffy you find in the contract. Many dealer include extras in the contract itself and hope you will not notice. So notice.

Get Preapproved

A significant part of the paperwork is the loan process. You can take care of that by getting preapproved before hand. This saves time and does not yolk you to the dealerships financial entity.


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