6 Essential Features You Should Look for while Buying Your First Car

If you are buying a car for the first time, it’s natural for you to get daunted and overwhelmed about whether your purchase will turn up something to be proud of or a total blunder.

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Don’t worry. Cars from companies that are in the market for years are indeed good. Also, when you import a car e.g. professional Japanese import cars from Dazmac, you should rest assured that you’ll get a great car.

But each of them has a specific set of features. The question is which features you desire.

Different buyers have different needs and so, the features they are looking for are different. While looking for the best car, you should look for the features it has and decide if you want them or not.

By far, features that every buyer should look for are performance, safety and maneuverability of the car. Here are some other popular features you should look for.

1. Cruise Control

Cruise control is an important feature to check because it allows you to set the vehicle at a stable speed, after which it can speed up without requiring much input from you.

Motorists usually use cruise control on the highways. The feature is present in most of today’s models, including vans. However, it doesn’t affect the cost of the car in any way.

Its Ability

Cruise control enables you to remain off the pedal without maintaining the needed control. You can naturally get carried away once you set the speed; however, cruise control system will hold you back.

The system saves you from banging into any vehicle before you that may stop suddenly.

2. Seat Heater

For motorists residing in areas which are hit by severe winters, the feature of heated seats is very important.

Leather is very much responsive to atmospheric temperatures. Leather seats can become terribly cold and uncomfortable to sit on.

Thus if you live in such cold areas, you have to look for the feature of seat heater. Most of the times, you may have to ask for installing a seat heater, but some chic models come with this feature readily installed from the factory.

3. 4-Wheel Drive

For car owners who live in or usually have to visit muddy regions and inaccessible roads, 4-wheel drive is an essential feature. It is mostly present in trucks, SUVs and jeeps.

Nevertheless, lately it is being included also in compact car models. It allows the four wheels to get torque from the engine and turn simultaneously.

This enables the car to get a better grip when you drive on muddy terrains and rugged surfaces.

4. Navigation System

This is your guardian angel while driving in unknown terrains. It makes you aware of where you are. It is fast and internet-enabled.

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5. DVD Video System

Movie screens and players are a desired feature in family vehicles because they keep children engaged at the backside and drivers can drive peacefully.

Also, when you head on for a long safari, a DVD video system is extremely useful to keep everyone amused until you reach the destination after a long time.

But it should not be installed for the driver because it can be a great distraction at the most critical moments.

6. Automatic Transmission

The time of manual transmission is slowly making an exit even in heavy trucks and buses. Automatic transmission, unlike manual transmission, is very convenient, since you don’t have to press and leave the clutch every time while you’re driving.

It is believed that cars with automatic transmission use up more fuel, but that is more than counterbalanced by the ease and speed of driving.

Downsides of Automatic Transmission

A downside of automatic transmission is that it can boost carelessness as motorists often use their phones, wear makeup and do such things because their hands are free. This increases the risk of accidents.

You should look for these features in any situation, e.g. while importing a car from Australia to NZ with Dazmac Logistics, so that you get your hands on a well-equipped car which will make your life easy.






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