Types of Hail Damage

For those who live in the Denver area, winter weather is a common issue. Hail damage is a frequent threat to vehicles of all types. Many residential vehicles are parked outside in driveways and commercial vehicles are routinely left uncovered. As a result, they are prone to hail damage. There are several forms of hail damage that are routinely handled by a professional hail storm vehicle repair Denver CO company.

Cosmetic Dents in the Car

One of the most common types of hail damage involves cosmetic dents. These are dents that are located all throughout the vehicle including the hood, doors, and bumpers. While some dents are blatantly obvious, others are harder to spot. Professionals know how to detect dents and fix them quickly. Because hail can fall in excess of 100 MPH, it is not unusual for vehicles to be covered in dozens of dents following a serious storm.

Shattered Windows and Windshields

Another common type of hail damage involves shattered glass. Even though vehicles are built with shatter-resistant glass, hail can still cause serious damage. This could involve broken windows, damaged windshields, and more. In some cases, the damage can be repaired. In other cases, the entire window or windshield will need to be replaced. In this situation, it is important to rely on industry professionals who know how to evaluate damage, work with insurance companies, and get the car repaired as quickly as possible.

Vehicle Frame Damage

Finally, hail is also capable of causing damage to the frame of the car itself. The frame goes around the entire vehicle and provides a foundation upon which the rest of the car is built. If the frame of the car is damaged, some people assume that their car will be totaled. While this is possible, it isn’t always the case. Following hail damage, it is critical to rely on professionals who can provide a comprehensive summary of the various damage points to the frame. Then, estimates can be drawn up to figure out how to rectify the situation and resolve it in the best interests of the customer.

Hail Damage Is a Serious Issue

In the local area, hail damage is a common source of concern for numerous individuals and families. If a vehicle suffers hail damage, it is critical to rely on the help of trained professionals who can evaluate and treat this damage as quickly as possible.

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