Trucking Companies, Take Driver Safety Seriously

If there’s one value that predicts a company’s success, it’s the recognition of employees as their greatest asset. This is especially true in the transportation industry. Transport businesses cannot satisfy their customers without a pool of dependable drivers. For this reason, management must promote good practices to ensure drivers remain safe on the road.

Maintain Your Fleet

How can drivers expect to stay safe if their vehicles are unsafe? That’s why it’s critical for all company trucks to be regularly and thoroughly serviced. Owner’s manuals have the best recommendations on what maintenance is required after a certain mileage.

Create a service checklist for each truck and observe schedules without fail. But when issues arise off-schedule, be flexible and fix them promptly. Above all, make sure to hire mechanics who can deal with the unique features of diesel fuel systems.

Be Strict About Time

It’s no secret that truck lines are in constant competition to deliver goods the fastest. This environment frequently incentivizes drivers to overwork. Too many hours of continuous driving leads to fatigue and related sluggishness, which heightens the chance of an accident.

The government sets and enforces rigorous standards for truckers’ working hours. Managers should do everything possible to schedule loads in a manner that gives drivers time to make their runs within the law.

Don’t Disregard Drivers’ Health

Certain health problems prevent drivers from safely performing their duties. Normally, coronary conditions and neurological diseases such as epilepsy automatically disqualify drivers from working, as a sudden seizure or heart attack on the job can cause a fatal crash. Drug use also dangerously degrades a driver’s natural abilities.

All truckers must pass a mandatory DOT physical every two years, and it’s a boss’s responsibility to ensure that no employee works without a clean bill of health. Companies can also arrange their own tests at shorter intervals as an extra precaution.

Trucking companies who commit to driver safety increase productivity and earn loyalty from personnel. At the same time, client trust is encouraged as shipments arrive on time and in good condition. When drivers are safe, everybody wins.

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