The Benefits of Paint Booths that are Smaller

We’ve all seen those giant paint booths at the auto body shops. We know why they are so big. Auto painting has to be done in a protective environment, and they got a lot of auto body painting to do! This is why their booths are so large and industrial. There is such a thing as a Small Parts Spray Booth, however. The concept is the same as with a larger booth. We want to contain the toxic fumes only to safely expel them and also create an environment safe from the exterior elements. The size of these booths we’re discussing here is much smaller than average, however.

DIY or Buy One from a Trusted Source

The DIY craze during the 4th generation of wireless has been crazy. Because of this, many homeowners have successfully built their own small booth. If you’re not very handy, I would recommend buying one from a trusted source, however. Still, there exists the option of making one. No matter how you acquire the booth, there will be benefits!

Small Booths don’t Require Duct Systems in Many Cases!

Perhaps you’ve seen how the standard booths at the professional shops tend to have a lot of ductwork cross throughout their designs? This is because a ventilation system utilizing powerful fans is being used to remove the powerful fumes from the booth and expel them to a safe spot outside of the booth. A smaller booth can often do this without the requirement of a sea of ductwork. Many smaller booths will have no ductwork at all for this reason. Not as much painting is going on so we don’t need as much technology to diffuse the fumes. This is good news because ventilation systems are one of the most expensive components utilized when constructing paint booths.

You’ll Save Money (Duh!)

This should go without saying, you won’t pay what Maaco does! You are either buying or building something similar, yet much smaller if you set up a small booth for your painting. Installation is also cheaper. The retailer will typically drive the device over and install it. Some models are simply unpacked from the truck and laid in the correct place. This saves on installation costs a great deal. The good news about spending less money on a booth is that you’ll have more left over for painting!

To Sum Things up

Sure there are economic advantages of using a booth, but did you know it’s also the right thing to do? You don’t want to look like a hillbilly cliché on television as you poison the environment as well as those around you as you paint; do you? This is exactly how one appears in their yard trying to paint without a setup! If you can’t splurge on one yourself, get together with some neighbors that have some auto painting to do. You can all agree on a location and use a schedule that will match your needs and then split the cost!

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