Misconceptions Car Accident Victims Have About Personal Injury Claims

When a client first discusses a car accident case with a lawyer, it isn’t uncommon for that client to have a lot of misconceptions about personal injury cases. If you’ve been injured in an accident, your settlement helps pay for medical bills and damages. To know the common myths can help you to fight for the best settlement possible.

Insurance Companies Have Your Best Interest in Mind

Sometimes, a person will forego hiring a Fort Collins accident lawyer because they believe that the insurance company will take care of them. They will give a detailed statement to the other insurance company and hope that they can receive the money that they deserve. Sometimes, this can hurt a client’s case. The insurance company wants to lock you into a story that will best benefit them. Normally, they want to pay as little as possible. While you do need to report to your insurance company that an accident occurred, you do not need to give a full statement.

Car Accident Victims Receive Medical Bill Payments Automatically

There is a belief that car accident victims will receive payments for medical bills as they incur said bills. You will not receive any money until after the final settlement. Sometimes, this means that you will have to appear in court before you receive your settlement. In general, most claims settle out of court, but either way, you do not receive money as the bills occur. Remember to pay your medical bills as those bills come in. If you cannot afford your bills, you can discuss your options with your healthcare provider.

The Ticketed Driver Is Automatically At Fault

The officer does not decide who is at fault in a car accident claim. While a police report can serve as evidence as to where the accident occurred and what happened, the officer’s opinion does not necessarily hold weight in front of the jury. Police do not testify as to who was at fault during the trial. If you received a ticket, this will not be presented in front of the jury either. Sometimes, an officer will ticket one or both drivers after an accident, but this does not mean that it has any weight on whether you will win or lose your settlement.

Injuries Have to Manifest Immediately

Not all car accident injuries manifest right away. You may experience headaches, back pain, swelling, PTSD and more in the days or weeks following the accident. Right after an accident, you may be in a fog. There are too many distractions to focus on your physical well-being. While you’re in shock, you may think that you’re fine. However, once you get home, you may notice injuries or problems that begin to develop. While important to get medical attention right away, you can file a claim for all injuries, even if they developed after the fact.

For those who have never dealt with a car accident settlement before, there might be a lot of different misconceptions. Legal matters can be complex, particularly when you are dealing with car accidents, insurance companies and who has legal blame.

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