How to Find a Reliable Auto Repair Shop

Finding an auto repair shop that works for you often comes down to personal preference and need, but there are certain standards you can look for before choosing one. Knowing how to find a reliable, trustworthy shop can prevent hassle down the road. Understand that when your car needs a specific repair, you might not end up taking it to your usual maintenance place. Instead, you should look for these specific qualities in a repair shop.

Look Online

The first place you can look for a new shop is online. Just type in an auto repair shop near your location. For example, someone living in Alexandria might search “automotive repair shop Alexandria VA.” While online reviews aren’t always reliable, a shop’s rating can help you judge them based on other customers’ experiences.

Search by Vehicle Type

Not all repair shops work on every type of vehicle. In fact, most specialize in certain vehicle makes. This is advantageous to the customer because you can be certain they have experience working on your brand of car.

Get References From Friends

Friends, family and acquaintances are the best people to ask about finding a repair shop. They often speak from personal experience with a shop, and they can tell you if they had a good or poor time at a particular shop. This can help you avoid shops that might not benefit you the most.

Ask for Certifications

You can always ask a potential shop for certifications proving their expertise and knowledge. Specifically, look for a National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence certification (also called an ASE). This can tell you if they are considered professionals on a national scale.

Searching for a new auto repair shop doesn’t need to be overwhelming. There are plenty of ways to narrow down your options to the right shop for you.

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